If mixing your album was painting the whole picture; Mastering would set the best matching light possible to it.

Mastering has been described as the last step in the creative part in post production and the first step in manufacturing.
In the creative realm, mastering is the last chance to make broad sonic changes or specific corrective ones to the source material by using equalization, compression, limiting and sometimes even specific surgical tools. At the same time, mastering bring balance to levels of each song as well as sequencing and editing the mixes to sound cohesive and flow well.

Nowadays, the manufacturing process has moved towards to streaming in many cases and it is a need of a set of sequenced wave files only. Fortunately, artists still releasing physical records.

I deliver 2 wave files (Side A and B) at high resolution sample rate and a documentation data sheet for the manufacture.

It is the same procedure as vinyl, James…

This format is 21st century to send your material to CD-manufacture. Beforehand I will send you a DDP-Player that you may confirm all information is ready to press from.

I ensure your music is optimized for its specific release format!

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