At this point, it should be said briefly that equipment is not the one-and-only decisive factor for a good sounding record – some equipment has a sound and it is important to have professional gear, right, but it does not have magical powers as such to turn the source material into something wonderful without touching it – Eh ok, the Fairchild 660/670 really does, but that’s another point – For sure there is something going on when signal runs through it, but at this point it might be a little too nerdy.

The point is, it is rather the experience and skills that favors the use of equipment. In other words, they are tools to complete a vision. The vision of the artist, mixer or producer. There only is the opportunity to complete that vision, because of listen carefully, objectivity and experience on sound of music.

It should also be said that cutandboost Mastering follows a „less-is-more“ philosophy. It’s all about the realization of the vision that have achived while capturing recording. In the end, it sometimes only needs a little bit of this or that, for instance. For these little bit, it is important to know it needs just that little to achieve a great end result.

Of course, it is also possible to make larger interventions or to approach the material in an enormously creative way, but it is not the original part of mastering to change a mix in its taste. Normally, this applies to the mixing engineer. A lot is possible nowadays – but please be aware that a mouse can’t become an elephant.

Therefore, cutandboost Mastering uses its gear to tweek the vision on the right spot in frequency balance, homogeneity, musicallity and euphony.

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