The workflow and preference is to use a short pristine and top notch analog hardware signal path for mastering to approach your music with respect it deserves. All select tools can do transparent processing or add tonal enhancement as needed. From this follows a super quiet noise floor and astonishing headroom to work with in an open listening enviroment.

Tools I use except my ears are from Gyraf Audio, 51db audio, Whitestone Audio, Buzz Audio, Burl Audio and Antelope Audio for instance. Most of my hardware gear is custom or rather modified to my personal needs. All wiring is by Vovox. I also am a fan of Weiss, DMG Audio, Tokio Dawn Labs and Magic Death Eye plugins. And for critical material I love to use iZotope RX Advanced.

I can play back all digital file formats, cassettes, vinyl and cd’s. Tape coming soon.

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