If you want to have me master your record or want to have a test master first for listening, please shoot me an e-mail with a zip file or rather share a link and please type in every information you have.

In general, I only offer Stereo-Mastering, but I also provide Stem-Mastering on several projects if neccessary.


€85 Single Song
(Limited to 6 minutes in lenght or less)

multiple songs:
€12 per minute of material lenght
(Limited to 50 minutes in lenght or less)

STEM MASTERING + €20 per Song
DDP Image for CD, Vinyl (SideSplit) or Cassette (SideSplit) + €15 per Album
Metadata encoding, edits and revisions within the same mixes are included

Pricing can be flexibe, if money is tight please come in contact and we work something out for you!

Test Masters

I offer test masters for one reason that you hear the difference between your mix and my mastering work. After communication the test master would be just an idea of your vision. Maybe I point your vision after the first time, but surely after the second. I consider a lot of what I do to be custom work to realize your vision as an artist – realize visions mean communication!

So, please do not hesitate to come in contact and let me know about your vision.

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