My most valuable asset is a pair of good ears, combined with professional full-range loudspeakers and an acoustically treated room. The listed equipment linked in a short signal path and is the opportunity to optimize the incoming mixes. The outcome could be both clean and accurate or harmonic and punchy. As well everything in between with a classic impact to the sound.

:: Antelope – DA/AD
:: TegelerVTC MKII – Vari Mu Valve Compressor (Custom TubeMod.)

:: GyrafG14 – Parallel Passive Valve EQ (Jakob Erland-Mod.)
:: GyrafG21 – Passive Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum

:: DMG Audio

:: Slate Audio
:: Tokio Dawn Labs

:: LogicPro X – DAW
:: HOFA – DDP-Master

:: Nakamichi480Z – Master Tape Recorder

Short Signal Path
:: Mogami
:: Sommer