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As an adolescent, Simon began recording chummy punk/hardcore bands or rather this kind of bands which he played in or with. During the study of Audio Engineering at School of Audio Engineering in Berlin in 2007, he became a recording and mixing engineer/assistant on various projects, with Moses Schneider (Producer of Pixies/Beatsteaks/Turbostaat) for instance.

Simon also has had the opportunity to work for about 12 years with inter-national bands regardless of type as a FoH-Engineer for different venues and television stations. Out of this point of experiences, he got interested in mastering records from Punk to HipHop to Jazz and everything in between.

All of you are welcome – it is know how are the different genres are supposed to sound like! Simon is not only a mastering engineer but also a music lover in different kind of genres.


2021 –

Piefke (DE)
(Bakraufarfita Records)
Awon & Phoniks (US)
Nothing Less
(Don't Sleep Records)
We Set Sail (AU)
Ritual And Ceremony
(False Peak Records)

2020 –

Korrosion (DE)
Split with Scheisse
(Zehnagel Records)
Doristay (DE)
(self relesaed)
Muruhuay (IT)
Gamma Waves
(self released)

2019 –

Deaf Lingo (IT)
(self released)
Symptone (PL)
(self released)
Balagan (DE/IL)
A Mess #2
(Duchess Box Records &
Rood Woof Records)
Turbogenerator (DE)
Rose In My Pocket
(self released)
The Heroine Whores (DE)
Austrian Cellars
(exclusively cassettes)
(self released)

2018 –

Leoprrrds (DE)
Australian Girl
(Späti Palace)
Seed Holden (DE/HR)
Time Stands Still
(self released)
Clear Lines (ES)
All I Want &
Santa Catalina
(self released)

Before –

Lone Ol' Warrior (DE)
(self released)
In Schwarz (DE)
Hand In Hand
Tyran Tyran (DE)
Economy Class
(self released)
(live rec. & mix.)
Warren Suicide (DE)
World Warren III
(rec. credits only)
Tyran Tyran (DE)
(self released)
(live rec. & mix.)

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