In which format shall I deliver my mixes?

:: Please send your digital stereo-files in that format your material were mixed. Please don’t do upsample your mixes in sample rate! Bitdepth is minimum 24Bit.

How long does it take to have the master ready?

:: In general it depends on the project lenght. In any case 1 day. If you have an urgent project, please let me know about and I try to work something out for you.

Delivery of master files:

:: It is possible to deliver you a DDP-Image of your master file via wetransfer for a printing plant for CD release or I deliver your mastered files ready for digital distrubution. Especially in this case, please note – There is no reason to squash the hell in loudness out of the record, all streaming platforms are limited in loudness; A good loundness level in harmony with a better dynamic level fits the best listening to human ears – At least, if the music sounds good, it sounds good. It doesn’t matter if it on -9dBlufs or -12dBlufs (lufs = Loudness Unit relative to Full Scale). So, important is that the loudness fits the best sound possible to the songs. Music is about listening not numbers!

What is a DDP-Image?

DDP stands for Disc Discription Protocol. DDP-files are used when sending music to a CD or Vinyl manufacture. This files allow me to set the exact gap between the songs and crossfades, ISRC-Codes (Label-based), Track-ID’s and special artist needs like artist name and album name for instance. Please make sure, the chosen manufacture accept DDP-Images. If you have any further question, please shoot me an email!

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