In which format shall I deliver my mixes?

:: Please send your digital stereo-files in that format your material were mixed. Please don’t do upsample your mixes in sample rate! Bitdepth is minimum 24Bit. You also can deliver a cassette, if you recorded live on or mixed to a cassette for instance.

How many cassettes are possible to print and how about duplication?

:: A maximum of 100 print run of cassettes is possible. There is no fast speeding duplication with a cassette duplicator but every single cassette is print from the digital master file in real time to have the very best outcome possible. Fast speed duplicators do impair and change the original sound of the source. Yes, real time printing takes a little longer, thus, the time is a better investment, because the records have a more stable noise floor, frequency response and level instead of fast speed duplicators. In general, soundwise it is very much better to have a master cassette tape that is only made for cassette release and make duplicates from elsewhere as you have a mastered file that is not especially made for cassette release!

Which lenghts are offered?

:: Every lenghts between 2.30min. to 45min. each side. For example – 12.30 minutes each side – If you have different side lenghts, it is better you prefer the longer side for A-Side and the shorter for B-Side to do not have a silent break at the end of A-Side.

Which cassette tape type is in use?

:: It is Ferric (FeO) type in use to get tight low mid/open upper mid frequencies and soft top end (Type-I – standard since 1960s). After a long time period of testing cassette tape types, Type-I is the very best conclusion out of Type II-IV relating to frequency response, high-frequency distortion, level and noise-floor.

How long does it take to have the cassettes ready?

:: In generel it depends on the project lenghts and the amount of cassettes. In any case 3 to 4 weeks. If you have an urgent project, please let me know about and I try to work something out for you.

Is there an offer for cassette design?

:: Yes, but I don’t do this part on my own. I have a professional partner who do this for me. However, I offer different cassette colours and cassette cases. When you have any further questions, please let me know and shoot me an email.

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