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cutandboost Mastering is a professional audio mastering studio founded by Simon Uter-Kirschey in 2018 with location in Berlin, Germany. The focus is on enhancing and finalizing records for physical and digital release. The resulting goal is to release the full potentional of what have achived while capturing recording.

cutandboost is always careful not to push records outside of their reality and never turn a record into something artificial through the mastering process. There are the tools and, more importantly, the skills to let shine your records in the best light possible.

Tools in use are – SPL Passeq, Gyraf Audio G14, Buzz Audio SOC-M, TK Audio BC1-THD and if surgical processing is necessary, plugins by DMG Audio and Tokio Dawn Labs are in use. The most important equipment are APS loudspeakers and ad/da conversion by Antelope clocked by Mutec to hear down flat to 21Hz. For gear geeks – read more…

cutandboost Mastering uses its gear to tweek the vision on the right spot in frequency balance, homogeneity, musicallity and euphony.

International clients welcome!


Come in contact and we work something out for your best possible sounding record.

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