cutandboost Mastering is a professional independent audio mastering studio founded by Simon Uter-Kirschey in 2018 with location in Berlin, Germany. The focus is on enhancing and finalizing records for physical and digital release. The resulting goal is to release the full potentional of what have achived while capturing recording. Therefore, cutandboost embrace the specific needs for the independent music community.

cutandboost is always careful not to push records outside of their reality and never turn a record into something artificial through the mastering process. There are the tools and, more importantly, the skills to let shine your records in the best light possible with a classic impact to the sound to become hearable all over the world.

International clients welcome!



Mastering for any digital format, cassette mastering and vinyl pre-mastering.

You can send digital files via any file transfer service such as wetransfer, dropbox or google drive – Please contact to discuss your specific needs.

To prepare for your session in advance:

… A final tracklist with correct titles (if you’re unsure about your tracklist then a working sequence is sufficient for a starting point)

… Mastering notes/ideas/suggestions that could be useful during the mastering session

… Vinyl sidebreak and speed (33 1/3 or 45rpm) – the shorter the side the better the cut

… ISRC/UPC codes and final song and album titles if you plan on pressing CD’s

… Instrumentals – If you plan on mastering instrumentals or any alternative versions of your mix, please make sure you deliver these files with the main mixes

… Album or Song references, if you would like to sound especially like somebody/something else


The acoustical treated mastering room is equipped with analog gear by Sound Performance Lab, Buzz Audio, Gyraf Audio and TK Audio. The equipment is linked in a very short signal path by Vovox cables to get the best performance out of it. Listen on APS loudspeakers and Antelope DA/AD conversion clocked by Mutec.
If surgical processing is necessary, DMG or TDR Plugins are used and do a phenomeous job ; Hofa for creating DDP-Images.

The interaction of the given components gives the possibility to fulfill highly professional demands and requirements for each offered service. In addition, the chosen components are partly adapted to cutandboost needs of the arrangement in order to achieve a result that is still on target. Read more…

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