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cutandboost Mastering is a professional audio mastering studio founded by Simon Uter-Kirschey in 2018 and is located in Berlin. Since then, Simon’s focus is on enhancing and finalizing independent artists records for physical and digital release – all known digtal distribution format, Vinyl, Compact Disc and Cassette.

Simon’s expertise is to know to release the full potentional through the mastering process of what have achived while capturing recording in the most musicaly way. It is all about to optimizing the sound according to aesthetical as well as technical requirements to bring life to a sonic vision.

In other words, Simon is all doing by ears and works in a more creative style, without loose the focus on the material at all – choosing op-amps, transformers and tubes to balance the source material to an organic and in depth sound. cutandboost Mastering is always looking forward to new tasks to create the best sounding master it possibly can.


Please send your digital mixes and additional information to in a zip file.

:: format/s on release (vinyl, digital, cassette)
:: correct band name, album name and each track title
:: side splits for vinyl or cassette release (Album order)
:: ISRC/UPC Codes if needed
:: any special instruction

Please note, the more open and dynamic the mix is to begin with, the easier it is to produce a louder master. So, please do not try to emulate distorted masters on mixing-stage and sending it off. Please come in contact, if there is a need of help or rather communication to this topic.

Turnaround varies on scheduling but averages about three days. Rush service guarentees master preview within 24 hours – contact me for availability.


Stereo Mastering:
€12 per minute of materials lenght | Minimum: €85
Metadata, edits and revisions are included.

Additional Formats:
+ €75 per album

Rush Service:

+ €100 per project

Bank transfer and Paypal are accepted. For Paypal add 3% of invoice to cover transaction fees.

Free of charge – Do you want to know how your mixes sound like through cutandboost’s mastering? So, do not hesitate to come in contact and send your digital mixes in a zip file.



SPL Passeq1650 Passive Solid State EQ, Gyraf G14 Parallel Passive Tube EQ (modified), Buzz Audio SOC-M Optical Comp, TK Pro-Audio BC1-THD VCA Comp (modified).

Monitoring by APS Coax + Bass Extender, Antelope Pure 2.

Conversion by Burl B2 (AD) and Antelope Pure 2 (AD/DA) – Master Clock by Mutec MC 3+.

All hardware is wired in a short signal path by Vovox.

Plugins by Weiss (Softube), DMG Audio, Tokio Dawn Labs.

Come in contact and we work something out for your best possible sounding record.

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