cutandboost Mastering is an independent audio and cassette mastering service founded by Simon Uter-Kirschey in 2018 with location in Berlin that focuses on enhancing and finalizing records for release. cutandboost embrace the specific needs for the independent music community.

Mastering is about listen carefully, set of steps needing and communication to get the best result possible – the record’s mix is the basis! – I am always careful not to push records outside of their reality and never turn a record into something artificial through the mastering process.

I have the tools and, more importantly, the skills to let shine your records in the best light possible.


I began recording chummy bands or rather bands which I played in or with. During the study of Audio Engineering at School of Audio Engineering in Berlin, I became a recording and mixing engineer/assistant on various projects, with Moses Schneider for instance, on rad pop to fuzzy tunes.
I have had the opportunity to work for about 12 years with inter-national bands regardless of type as a FoH-Engineer for different venues and television stations.

Out of this point of experiences, I get interested in mastering records. So, I myself study a lot audio and cassette mastering by trial and error. Now, I am having the skills of setting the most suitable needs possible to work on making your records ready for release.


cutandboost can accommodate all of your audio mastering needs: CD mastering, digital distribution formats, vinyl preparation for laquer cutting elsewhere and physical cassette mastering and duplication.

Digital Format and CD

Cassette Mastering

Vinyl Pre-Master


The mastering room is equipped with analog gear by Gyraf Audio, Buzz Audio and Overstayer. The equipment is linked in a very short signal path by Vovox cables to get the best performance out of it. I listen on APS loudspeakers and Antelope A/D/A conversion. For cassettes, I use a Nakamichi cassette deck rebuilt and new calibrated by Udo Wiemer. When it comes to digital processes, I use plugins by DMG, TDR, Elysia or Slate Digital ; Hofa for DDP-Images.

The G21 is a masterpiece of gear from Jakob Erland out of Åarhus, Denmark. It is a fully passive and true stereo multiband softclipper or rather dynamic EQ in only cutting mode without time consequences. Therefore, the G21 is very clean and transparent with a touch of impact, when it use with caution by slept off ears. This powerful tool is useful in taming single oustanding frequencies in material, to clear up dull/bright mixes and it gives this kind of in depth dynamic flavour to the source.

The SOC-20 M is a renowned class A optical compressor out of Blenheim, New Zealand. The optical type of compression gives the material a touch of creaminess and at the same time a huge amount of clearness in the lowrange and upper midrange frequency. The unit is often useful to place the instruments right on stage and fit them even more as a band. Moreover, it has the opportunity to work in Mid/Side mode which brings this unit to another level of workflow.

The G14 is a parallel passive and true stereo 5 band tube equalizer from Jakob Erland out of Åarhus, Denmark. EQing is one of the most important thing in mastering, just little steps could nail it to an astonishing result. This is what the G14 is made for – little steps with the most musical moving in given frequency range – This one is modified by Jakob. That’s why the unit is more tidier and punchier in lower frequencies. Besides, this EQ has the smoothest high frequency boost in universe.

The Overstayer Model 8801 is a two channel Multi Analog Stage out of Los Angeles, California and spectacular one-button-hit-wonder. This unit is a positiv beast. It is very helpful to give the material source the last pinch of harmonic and leveling what it needs to be ready for release. Nothing more to say – absolute gorgeous unit on the way from A to D.


Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for a test master or to say hello –

If you handle material through online transfer I would please you to use the email based to keep transfer safe.

In general, I will respond your request within several hours at the same day.


Stereo mastering for all formats: €12/minute

Cassette Tape Master: +€25/side (duplication elsewhere)

Print Run Of Tapes:
€1 each

Reference Cassette: €5

Test Master: free of charge (digital)

If you need to get your record mastered ready for release, or are having work that I mastered printing to cassettes, please click the link below to receive your quote and schedule date.

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