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Cutandboost is an independent audio mastering service owned by Simon Uter-Kirschey and is located in the heart of Berlin. Since July 2018 Cutandboost maintaining the artistic idea with a pronounced sense of musicality to print an outstanding competitive product! The result is a master with dynamic, depth and appropriate loudness.
In other words: Cutandboost Mastering can presenting your mixes in the best light possible!


Music has always been a part of my life. It all began with playing drums in local bands. I recorded my own and other local bands to my 4 track. My love for punkrock together with my interest in gear and graduating the sae institute in 2009 turned me into who I am nowadays – a mastering engineer with over 15 years of experience in recording, mixing and FoH engineering.

I got this experience from working with national and international guitar-driven artists – from Brant Björk and Deap Valley to Reptile Youth to KMPFSPRT – and so many other similar-genre-bands.

So, I love what I do, have a feeling for musicality and will give your music (!regardless of type!) a better chance to listen to!


Stereo mastering charge per lenght of material – includes quality check, PQ editing, DDP transfer and testimonials
Single-Lenght: €95; EP-Lenght: €200; Album-Lenght: €350; Cassette Mastering: + €35 per side; Print run of Tapes: €2 each

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for a testimonial or to say hello:
I handle receiving of material mostly through online transfer. To keep the transfer safe I would please you to use the email based


Mastering for digital platforms and CD
:: 24Bit/44.1KHz
:: 16Bit/44.1KHZ

Mastering for Vinyl Release
:: 24Bit high resolution file for cutting elsewhere

Cassette Mastering
:: Master Tape
:: and/or print run of Tapes


My most valuable asset is a pair of good ears, combined with professional full-range loudspeakers and an acoustically treated room. The listed equipment linked in a short signal path and is the opportunity to optimize the incoming mixes. The outcome could be both clean and accurate or harmonic and punchy. As well everything in between with a classic impact to the sound.

:: Antelope – DA/AD
:: TegelerVTC MKII – Vari Mu Valve Compressor (Custom TubeMod.)

:: GyrafG14 – Parallel Passive Valve EQ (Jakob Erland-Mod.)
:: GyrafG21 – Passive Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum
:: Overstayer M-A-S 8101 – Multi-Analog-Stage

:: DMG Audio – TrackLimit
:: Slate Audio – FG-X
:: Tokio Dawn Labs – Nova GE
:: Elysia – nvelope

:: LogicPro X – DAW
:: HOFA – DDP-Master
:: Nakamichi480Z – Master Tape Recorder

Short Signal Path
:: Mogami
:: Sommer
:: Vovox


:: Bahnhof Schwarzburg
:: Balagan
:: Clear Lines
:: CykOne
:: The Heroine Whores
:: Leoprrrds
:: Lone Ol‘ Worrior
:: Saline
:: Seed Holden

:: Turbogenerator
:: TyranTyran