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cutandboost Mastering is a professional audio mastering studio founded by Simon Uter-Kirschey in 2018 and is located in Berlin. Since then, Simon’s focus is on enhancing and finalizing independent artists records for physical and digital formats.

The goal is to release the full potentional through the mastering process of what have achived while capturing recording in the most musical way. It is all about to optimizing the sound according to aesthetical as well as technical requirements to bring life to a sonic vision.

cutandboost Mastering is always looking forward to new tasks to create the best sounding master it possibly can.


Hardware – SPL Passeq1650 EQ, Gyraf G14 EQ (modified), Buzz Audio SOC-M Comp, TK Pro-Audio BC1-THD Comp (modified).

Monitoring – APS Coax + Bass Extender, Antelope Pure 2.

Conversion – Burl B2 (AD) and Antelope Pure 2 (AD/DA) – Master Clock by Mutec MC 3+.

All hardware is wired in a short signal path by Vovox.

Plugins by Weiss (Softube), DMG Audio, Tokio Dawn Labs.


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