cutandboost is an audio and cassette mastering service to guitar-driven genres in music (punk/hardcore/alternative/etc.) that focuses on enhancing and finalizing projects for release in high-quality to feed your audience with homogeneous sounding material -out of Berlin –

For me mastering is about listen carefully or rather listen critically, set of steps needing and communication to get the best result possible. Accordingly your records will become more detailed at every single song and more homogeneous at your full length release!

I grew up in the era of cassettes and I love the sound of this physical format like vinyl. So, I put a lot of time and afford in learning mastering cassettes very well. Don’t hesitate to come in contact with me at this stage as well.


I began recording chummy bands or rather bands which I played in or with. After some while with spending time on growing up I became a recording and mixing engineer/assistant on various projects with e.g. Moses Schneider on pop to fuzzy tunes up to touring with many guitar-driven and similar genre bands. As well I worked a lot with inter-national bands and artists (major/independent) regardless of type as a Front-Of-House-Engineer for different venues and television stations.


…for digital platform and CD

…for cassette release

…for vinyl release


The analog equipment is linked in a short signal path and give the opportunity to optimize your incoming mixes. Your release could be both clean and accurate or harmonic and punchy as well as everything in between with a classic impact to the sound. For sure it depends on what your mixes need.


:: Antelope Pure 2 – A / D / A
:: Gyraf G21 – Passive Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum
:: Buzz SOC-M – Class A Optical Compressor w/ MS
:: Gyraf G14 – Parallel Passive Valve EQ
:: Overstayer 8101 – Multi-Analog-Stage


:: LogicPro X – DAW
:: HOFA – DDP-Master
:: Nakamichi 480Z – Cassette Deck


Stereo mastering is billed at €11 per minute of the material’s lenght, €100 minimum and includes
:: mix-check || testimonial (test-tape as well) || DDP-Image || world wide shipping

Cassette Masters:
+ €25 per side (duplication elsewhere) || Print Run Of Tapes: €2 each ||


Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for a testimonial or to say hello: info@cutandboostmastering.de
If you handle material through online transfer I would please you to use the email based wetransfer.com to keep transfer safe.

When you have any further questions, please drop me a line as well.

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