Since the middle of 2018 I maintaining the artistic idea with a pronounced sense of musicality to print an outstanding competitive product! The result is a master with using my brain, ears and finally my heart. For me mastering is about listen carefully, set of steps needing and communication.

Like most of us I began recording chummy bands or rather bands which I played in or with. After some while with spending time on growing up I became a recording and mixing engineer/assistant on various projects with e.g. Moses Schneider on pop to fuzzy tunes up to touring with many guitar-driven and similar genre bands. As well I worked a lot with inter-national bands and artists (major/independent) regardless of type as a Front-Of-House-Engineer for different venues and television stations.

At home in Berlin, I work on masters in my own enviroment. My control room offers an excellent listening situation. It allows for profound analysis of recordings – I have the possibility to actually hear what is going on in the source material.

My love for music and playing drums or guitar in bands, together with my interest in gear and graduating the sae institute in 2009 got me the interest in mastering.


…for digital platform and CD
:: 24Bit/44.1KHz
:: 24Bit/96KHz

:: 16Bit/44.1KHZ
:: AAC-Format

…for Vinyl Release
:: 24Bit high resolution file for cutting elsewhere

…for Cassette Release
:: Master Tape
:: and/or print run of Tapes


My most valuable asset is a pair of good ears, combined with professional loudspeakers and an acoustically treated room. The listed equipment linked in a short signal path and give the opportunity to optimize the incoming mixes. Most of the gear is modded by the creator or by myself to fit it more to my sound expectation. The outcome could be both clean and accurate or harmonic and punchy as well as everything in between with a classic impact to the sound.

:: Antelope Pure 2 – DA (huge frequency stage, panorama width and big headroom)
:: Gyraf G21 – Passive Magneto-Dynamic Infundibulum (frequency cutting or rather dynamical frequency taming)
:: Buzz SOC-M – Class A Optical Compressor w/ MS (open up/tighten up the mixes)
:: Gyraf G14 – Parallel Passive Valve EQ (deals insanely musical with frequencies)
:: Overstayer 8101 – Multi-Analog-Stage (some frequency points and gain-staging)

:: Antelope Pure 2 – AD (huge frequency stage, panorama width and big headroom)

:: DMG Audio – TrackLimit
:: Slate Audio – FG-X
:: Tokio Dawn Labs – Nova GE
:: Elysia – nvelope
:: SpectraLayers Pro
:: iZotope RX

:: LogicPro X – DAW
:: HOFA – DDP-Master
:: Nakamichi 480Z – Cassette Deck

Short Signal Path
:: Mogami (Cassette Deck)
:: Sommer (Loudspeakers)
:: Vovox (Hardware)


Stereo mastering charge per lenght of material and includes
:: mix-check, testimonials (full testtape as well), DDP-Transfer and 2 revisions of the same mix ; deliver cassettes in Europe

€65 (up to 6Minutes) || EP-Lenght: €200 (up to 20Minutes) || Album-Lenght: €350 (up to 40Minutes)
Cassette Mastering: + €25 per side (duplication elsewhere) || Print run of Tapes: €3 each || Additional Revisons: €15 per song

All prices are under small business regulation §19 UstG. (small entrepreneurs).

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line for a testimonial or to say hello: info@cutandboostmastering.de
If you handle material through online transfer I please you to use the email based wetransfer.com to keep transfer safe.

Why this fair rates?

I work the most with independent bands and musicians and this is the best way to give them an opportunity to connect their recorded emotions to the audience on a higher level.
So, rough said: You have something that you really want to master? You recorded live with four mics directly to a tape deck? Or you invested time in setting many mics up for the best details possible or anything in between and mixed the stuff on your own or elsewhere, but can’t afford to spend hundreds of money at the final step? At this point I can help you out with and bring your invested emotions out of your record.

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